Hip Chick Lit

April Paine and Stacey Wein know weight loss. And weight gain. And weight loss. For the better part of 20 years, these best friends have battled the scale together, collecting clothes ranging from size 2 to 18. They eschewed moderation in favor of fad diets promising fast results and fitness programs they couldn’t possibly incorporate into their schedules on any long-term basis. They supported each other as good friends should – with loving kindness, humor and never-ending encouragement. But without a concrete plan of action, all of that support proved too flimsy to provide any real foothold for the other on their shared quest for healthier minds and bodies. Once they were able to devise a strategy and create a system based on accountability, they shed the decades-long self- loathing AND the weight. 1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat is the product of that success.

April Paine is a writer and teacher and lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children. Stacey Wein is a writer and artist and lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and three children.

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