Hip Chick Lit

April Paine and Stacey Wein


Long before Brangelina and Bennifer, we were Stapril - Stacey and April - best friends since the day we met at Ithaca College in 1990. A less annoying twosome than Kathy Lee and Hoda, more relatable than Oprah and Gayle, we bonded over our mutual love of chocolate and musical theater, distain for our Hubba Bubba thighs and shared ability to play-act femme fatale and total dork simultaneously and with raging success. 

After college, life took us in different directions. April taught elementary school in Harlem before moving to England with her fetching Brit-husband and birthing two delightful offspring. Their recent move back to the States has enabled these fab fillies to collaborate and create as Hip Chick Lit.

Post-graduation, Stacey moved to Los Angles where she worked as a bartemder, executive assistant, event planner, greeting card designer and recruiter. She also trained monkeys to play alto sax for the group Simians got Sax Appeal.* She continues her work with primates alongside her husband as they raise three monkeys of their own.

Interesting fact: Both April and Stacey married men named Matt.  One has a charming English accent. The other is from New Jersey.

In addition to working with Stacey on two "coming soon" books in the you-will-pee-yourself-silly-humor-category, April writes and publishes with her sister, Kimberly Crabb as ABC's of FamilyVisit them here!

Stacey is currently working to update and reinvent her single-cell cartoon series, Gynecopia. Let her know your thoughts here!

*Stacey is a liar. She was only an assistant trainer.