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Use friendship and accountability to help you reach your weight loss goals and share laughs, tears and lots of fun along the way!

The authors were BFFs caught in the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, having already employed every weight loss tactic on the market. Forget the dress size, they just wondered what it would be like to fully participate in conversations over dinner without being wholly distracted by the bread basket! 

Taking a tip from countless magazines and books to "work out with a partner," two best pals formed a weight loss plan and a pact based on one simple tool: friendship. The weight came off, but even more importantly, the accountability between friends meant the women started taking care of their psyches (less negative self-talk) as well as their bodies (less chance of starting a fire with their thighs while wearing corduroys).

1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat is not only a guide to healthy living. If you want a simple diet and exercise strategy, you can choose among the countless weight loss books that are likely collecting dust on your bedside table. 1 Weight Loss Plan is an invitation to take a peak at the authors’ personal and humorous journal entries as they jiggle, jog and cajole each other. Laugh at their missteps, learn from their mistakes, and know you are not alone on this journey. 

Print your Healthy Lifestyle Partnership Agreement here and start today!


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