Hip Chick Lit

Hip Chick Lit is the brainchild of the terrifically funny, always delightful and perpetually hip* April Paine and Stacey Wein. They write books about stuff. And the stuff they write about is (generally) terrifically funny and always delightful. Sometimes it is also obscene. And inappropriate. And embarrassing. 

Recently they penned a book about their upper arm flab. The working title was The Wind Beneath My Wings until they learned that was already trademarked. So they called it 1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks: Using the Buddy System to Fight Fat, and then faxed a nasty letter to Bette Middler to prevent the theft of any brilliant ideas they may have in the future.

More books are due out soon. They are not about the authors' upper arms. Some are about their back fat, but most are about all sorts of other stuff, different from the stuff mentioned above. 

If this website were their home and it was 1994, they would greet you with a glass of champagne and a smile, but it's 2013 and they have five kids between them, so please accept this cold cup of coffee and Xanax instead, and try not to step on the LEGO bricks.

* Hip (hip) - adj. hip*per, hip*pest Slang

1: Keenly aware of the latest in trends and developments (Maybe not keenly aware, but as much as suburban living will allow.) 

2: Extremely stylish and fashion-forward  (Okay, maybe not extremely stylish, but as much as suburban shopping will allow.) 

3. Beyond cool (What can we say? When the shoe fits...)