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Editorial Reviews

Readers' Favorite, Joy Hannabass - May 27, 2013 (5-Star Review!)

"1 Weight Loss Plan, 2 Friends, 3 Weeks is a little book with a powerful plan. I have read it, and I plan to re-read it and find a friend to follow this journey with me! Everything about this plan is good, so I encourage you to pick up a copy and try it for yourself."

realmomma.com, Laura Cyra - March 2, 2013

"I give it a 5/5 because you're going to want to buy one for you AND a friend!! [O]nce you pick it up and start reading it you are going to want to call you best friend, sister, Mom, Aunt you name it anyone who has EVER wanted to lose weight and needs just a little help this book is for them!"

thelilmamas.com, Cecilia Behar - March 29, 2013

"A quick and easy read filled with honesty, humor and excellent health/weight loss tips."

The Book Loft, Solvang, CA - April 11, 2013

"...It's new and has a lot going for it. It is well designed, sensible, short, humorous, effective and reasonably priced...[their] eating plan is far from draconian."