Hip Chick Lit

From the Introduction:

In the following pages, we will provide you with the framework with which to build your own Healthy Lifestyle Program. Make use of our strategies, incorporate your own, learn from our personal triumphs and defeats as detailed in our later chapters. We share our stories (the spinning class successes and the sausage lasagna defeats) and thereby offer a guide to you on your own journey toward weight loss success. And by success, we mean not only pounds dropped, but vastly reconditioned eating habits and exercise routines, HIGHLY increased levels of self-esteem (I’m a princess! I’m a princess!) and a totally metamorphosed outlook on health, weight and the importance of powerful choices…

Conventional wisdom tells us that it takes 21 days – 3 weeks – to form a habit. But this is not about science, nor is it a textbook. It’s just our story and the strategies that we’ve learned along the way. We know this book can inspire and guide anyone who longs for a better body, a healthier life and a few laughs. Grab the hand of someone you love and start your journey together today!

From Chapter 4: Loving your Body

I took a totally unnecessary stroll down view-my-own-ass lane today. As a negative body image experience, it rated somewhere between seeing a picture of myself squatting naked on the cover of a tabloid magazine, and getting on the scale after spending a week with my mother…

Clearly, I did not enjoy being faced with how much weight I’d gained in the last year. Clearly. But later this afternoon…I thought about that image in the mirror and how womanly my shape has become – the curves and the dips and the softness…I could live my life as that round, curvy woman who loves food and cooking and eats only things that taste “divine” and would never think of touching a fat-free Saltine because packaged foods lack the “goddess quality”. Wouldn’t that be something?

From Chapter 6: Self Image

Say No to Perfection. It’s much easier to live in a world that’s either black or white; your choices are limited to two. This is good, this is bad, there is no in between. But those of us who’ve spent a lifetime in that colorless world know that it only invites disaster. We’ve got to be tough, determined, directed and driven. But to operate within such strict rules and regulations, whether self-invented or dictated by the most recent fad diet, is not the way to live healthfully for the long term. As we first step into this New World full of endless possibilities, the ups and downs may be more frequent, but they’ll be much less drastic. We have to allow ourselves the peaks and valleys. To deny that there will be meals of fat-laden, defibrillator-calling food, lazy days spent on the couch, and horrific shopping expeditions, is to assume that perfection is attainable. And people, that is just not the case.

Quotes from the authors

“Am I alone in this mother-food connection or does being with your mom trigger the sudden and voracious need for large amounts of mac & cheese, rice pudding, and the scraps along the side of a bowl of cookie dough?” April Paine

“In our honest and humorous journal entries to each other, we stand naked before our readers, our dimpled asses quivering and chicken arms flapping in the breeze. We challenge them to join us on our quest to find moderation, live a healthier lifestyle, and treat ourselves with the love and respect we show each other. For us, the key to making this change (now picture us, arms around each other, playfully tickling the other's muffin top) was friendship!” – Stacey Wein

“Anyone who has ever seen the numbers on the scale rise and fall and rise again KNOWS that resolve can weaken and we can be our own worst enemies. This is our way of telling others that their struggles are not unique and they should not struggle alone.” – April Paine 

“By joining forces with a friend and introducing accountability as a tool, we create a net to catch us when we find ourselves in diet free-fall and taking a nose-dive right into that bucket of fried chicken.” Stacey Wein